Our Story

The owner

The founder of vajuma GmbH used to play handball in the highest Swiss league and later ran a chemical tech start-up. During this time he learned a lot about resilience and entrepreneurship. After founding vajuma GmbH in 2022, Andi became the exclusive distributor for an American apparel brand and was thus able to perfectly combine his passion for sport and style. Today, vajuma GmbH stands for unique and high-quality products.

This pursuit of excellence and love of adventure inspires outdoor fans and style enthusiasts alike. With his vision of American style combined with Swiss precision, Andi has created a collection that is characterized by quality, innovation and passion.

The mark

California's outdoor counterculture

Bigtruck® was born in the vibrant mountain towns around Lake Tahoe, the center of California's outdoor counterculture, surrounded by peaks, lakes and youthful rebellious energy. It all started with the iconic trucker cap, a symbol of life in the California mountains. But Bigtruck® doesn't just offer headwear, it also represents the unconventional spirit of adventure in this region. Anyone who wants to can design their own individual Bigtruck® cap in the factory outlets and choose from a wide range of styles and patches. And if you can't make it to the store, you can simply do it in the online shop, from the comfort of your own home. All age groups can join in and create a piece of California adventure for themselves. You can find more information on the Bigtruck® website.

Craftsmanship quality

Quality and craftsmanship are our top priority. From the high-quality materials to the precise workmanship.

Interpersonal relationships

We believe in the connecting power of communities. Every interaction, whether with customers or partners, is an opportunity to build valuable relationships.

Future-oriented action

Innovation is our focus. We welcome change and question the status quo – always looking for improvement and further development.

For me it's about two things: quality and good vibes.

Andy Bechter


Our caps are made from high-quality materials with attention to detail.


When you shop with us, you support local businesses.

Customer Service

We focus on personalized and attentive customer service.